Wellenreiter: a wavy scarf

WellenreiterA wavy scarf in a feather-and-fan variation that brings out the Noro color transitions beautifully.

Hippie: a lacy headband

HippieWhenever I have a bad hair day, I like to use headbands to tame the mess. Hippie is a headband with a simple lace pattern made with a variegated ribbon yarn.

You can knit it long enough to tie in the back, or knit a shorter version and sew the ends together.

Troja: a ribbed hat

Mütze - TrojaThis hat is a quick and easy knit, ideal for beginning knitters. It is knit flat and then seamed in the back.

Wolly: amazingly simple legwarmers

WollyA very simple project for beginning knitters: ribbed legwarmers. A quick knit if you need a last minute gift or an instant gratification project.